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Retrogamers and geeks of the 90s certainly remember the Power Glove, released by Nintendo in 1989.

Power glove ad image courtesy of

Power glove ad image courtesy of

That thing was mainly unplayable, but everyone wanted one. Its development still led to the wii controller years later, and proved Nintendo was a good technology developer, in addition to making cool games.

More even, it was cool – in the years where geek wasn’t cool, the geekiest controller was cool. The power glove is the summum of 1990’s geek cool.


What if your Atari 2600 was internet connected, had achievements and leaderboards, DLCs and the like.

well, this pacman video shows what it would look like.

Michael Thomasson of Buffalo, NY owns the largest videogames collection, certified by Guiness as a world record.


Michael Thomasson World Record video games collection – picture courtesy of


The collection counts over 11,000 games and many consoles to play those games on. Old and new, all generations, VHS, tape, everything videogames is included in the collection.


What do video games characters do when not playing?

We’ve seen Disney’s Fix it Felix motion picture depict characters going trough hubs and into other games, and their interactions while outside. We’ve seen crossovers. We’ve seen game themed movies such as Mortal Kombat

What if those characters had real life issues?


Remember Blanka, the big green electric character from Street Fighter? Well, word is, this fellow has issues with the TSA. At least, the idea is funny, here’s Pete Holmesred tape youtube video on the matter.