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Geeks like video games.

But geeks love customizing their games. Its been like that for ages, since EA’s Pinball Construction Set. Or later (and better) Racing Destruction Set. Racing Lunar Rovers on Ganimede was AWESOME.

There has been quite a few games with level editors to let people play Game Designer for a while, but rare are the classic games or mega franchise that offers this option.


But Nintendo has it all in Mario Maker!

Mario Maker image courtesy of


Thanks to E3 2014, we now have gameplay  footage. Can we call this gameplay?



Joystick evolution is an ongoing affair. Sometimes designers add interesting features, sometimes its just plain fun.


The handheld gamepad had a great feature that hasn’t been available on the joystick… the rumble.  Of course, military-grade joystick has force feedback added to the stick itself, but half the videogames that uses vibration motors don’t do it for feedback such as bullet being shot but for added feature such as low life warning.


I’m a geek, you’re a geek.


And this cat’s a geek too. Watch Mr. Kitty Cat play Jenga!



Now to have Mr. Kitty Cat play video games…


What do video games characters do when not playing?

We’ve seen Disney’s Fix it Felix motion picture depict characters going trough hubs and into other games, and their interactions while outside. We’ve seen crossovers. We’ve seen game themed movies such as Mortal Kombat

What if those characters had real life issues?


Remember Blanka, the big green electric character from Street Fighter? Well, word is, this fellow has issues with the TSA. At least, the idea is funny, here’s Pete Holmesred tape youtube video on the matter.