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Combining the Oculus Rift VR helmet and the Sixense motion controller makes great VR Games.

Sixense demo its STEM system at the VRLA 2014 with a VR Lightsaber training session, and it looks amazing – see the videos after the break.


Sixense STEM demo image courtesy of





They started to add voice command to Xboxes during the 360 era. It was somewhat rudimentary, but people were amazed at the new (?) tech this console could have.


Still, it never actually worked completely how it should.


Xbox Voice Command comic strip thanks to Penny Arcade


But the trouble continues on the Xbox One, thanks to their publicity!


Retrogaming is fun, but retrogamers do understand that Sega fanboys never played Mario, and Nintendo fanboys never played Sonic. Moreover, those of the era of Atari never played new consoles such as Sega Master System or Nintendo Entertainment System.

Console war before Sony and Microsoft went into it. – image courtesy of



Geeks like video games.

But geeks love customizing their games. Its been like that for ages, since EA’s Pinball Construction Set. Or later (and better) Racing Destruction Set. Racing Lunar Rovers on Ganimede was AWESOME.

There has been quite a few games with level editors to let people play Game Designer for a while, but rare are the classic games or mega franchise that offers this option.


But Nintendo has it all in Mario Maker!

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Thanks to E3 2014, we now have gameplay  footage. Can we call this gameplay?