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Retrogamers and geeks of the 90s certainly remember the Power Glove, released by Nintendo in 1989.

Power glove ad image courtesy of

Power glove ad image courtesy of

That thing was mainly unplayable, but everyone wanted one. Its development still led to the wii controller years later, and proved Nintendo was a good technology developer, in addition to making cool games.

More even, it was cool – in the years where geek wasn’t cool, the geekiest controller was cool. The power glove is the summum of 1990’s geek cool.


What if your Atari 2600 was internet connected, had achievements and leaderboards, DLCs and the like.

well, this pacman video shows what it would look like.

Combining the Oculus Rift VR helmet and the Sixense motion controller makes great VR Games.

Sixense demo its STEM system at the VRLA 2014 with a VR Lightsaber training session, and it looks amazing – see the videos after the break.


Sixense STEM demo image courtesy of




They started to add voice command to Xboxes during the 360 era. It was somewhat rudimentary, but people were amazed at the new (?) tech this console could have.


Still, it never actually worked completely how it should.


Xbox Voice Command comic strip thanks to Penny Arcade


But the trouble continues on the Xbox One, thanks to their publicity!