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You got it New Zealand!

The first sunrise in the world, the first to have legal rights to sell the console, and the only ones to have sharks to guard sale # 001.


Xbox One at the bottom of the Shark Tank in Auckland’s SEA LIFE aquarium – image courtesy of


It was meant to be the first console on the market. Albeit there was some mixup leading to pre-orders being already fulfilled, but it is still going to be the first official, normal sale. And it is guarded by sand tiger sharks.



xbox one image courtesy of

Thanks to, the launch line-up for the XboxOne is known.

(more…) has released videos of what it’ll be like to unbox the xbox one. We see Major Nelson carefully opening the next-gen console right before our eyes!!!

It is still early for the xbox fanboys to get their hands on the actual product, but Microsoft wants gamers to salivate – or not, there’s lots of Xb1 haters out there – on their new products. It’s all about marketing.

Major Nelson unboxes an xbox

Major Nelson unboxes an xbox