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Joystick evolution is an ongoing affair. Sometimes designers add interesting features, sometimes its just plain fun.


The handheld gamepad had a great feature that hasn’t been available on the joystick… the rumble.  Of course, military-grade joystick has force feedback added to the stick itself, but half the videogames that uses vibration motors don’t do it for feedback such as bullet being shot but for added feature such as low life warning.



I’m a geek, you’re a geek.


And this cat’s a geek too. Watch Mr. Kitty Cat play Jenga!



Now to have Mr. Kitty Cat play video games…


Handheld videogame consoles have always been geek’s favorites. Playing on-the-go is awesome. But sometimes playing at-home is awesome too, and portable consoles generally don’t have TV-out capabilities.

That’s before Toru Katsuki made handheld videogame console capture cards under the name Katsukity. They handle most portable gaming consoles – DS Lite, DSi, DSXL, 3DS, 3DSXL and Vita – with work in progress to also mode 2DS soon.

3DS capture image courtesy of


In many places, arcades have gone to a decline.

Rare are now the places where gamers used to hang, play, gather and socialize. There are exceptions, but most states have regulations that render arcade places unprofitable.

What if there would be arcades anywhere? And free?

That’s what Kris Temmerman wondered. What if we built arcades in the street, bring it freely to anyone.

Storefront electronics pixel art arcade image courtesy of Kotaku