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Its been discussed before: does the Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game count as a game pieces, or as display pieces?
Fantasy Flight Games have released wave 3 of their expansion packs, adding the Lambda class imperial shuttle, tie bomber, b-wing and EU’s HWK-290. Again, those are LucasFilm approved accurate replica at a scale of 1/270, with awesome paint job.

Star Wars X-Wing miniatures expansion III ships (all sold separately) picture courtesy of

Each ship comes with playable cards, pilots and their own tokens. But the quality of the sculpts and paintjobs still holds the question: are these glamorized game pieces, or display pieces that happens to be playable?



Ubisoft achieved something THQ never managed while it was still making video games. That is: announce a final release date for South Park: the stick of truth.



Obsidian Entertainment has been working on this for ages before THQ’s demise, and it was still unclear what would happen to the stick of truth. But here we now know: it has a release date.


Remember the Ducktales press kits with the super rare collectible NES cartridge?

Well, according to Capcom-unity there was more produced then distrubited. Limited to 150, the extra press kits are to be given away!

Press kits picture courtesy of


Remember Disney Infinity? Now that the game is out and reviews start to emerge from the deep end of the interwebs, we’re seeing what Disney had in reserve.

Disney Infinity image courtesy of

And apparently, it is more around “selling collectibles” than making a successful game.