Zoetrope records are animated!

Paper street cuts makes awesome records.

Today we take a look at this Zoetrope (animated) record featuring Super Mario.

Zoetrope records are a modern form of phenakistoscope which creates the illusion of a moving picture when a flicker blurs it’s rotation.

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Install Arcade trackball on wooden panel without mounting plate

Trackballs are integral parts of several arcade games, and also great on emulator-based arcade machines as a general usage interface; which is why trackballs are a great addition to any home arcade machines.

When it comes to adding a trackball to a control panel, mounting can be problematic; the ball is often designed to be flush and uses very thin metal-plate panel; a deep hole would cause problems.

General rule of thumbs when mounting on wooden panels is to add a trackball mounting plate.

But sometimes this isn’t desirable or even possible. Either the specific trackball mounting plate isn’t available or cost-prohibitive to get shipped, or having the plate ruins the overlay design intended for the panel. Surely there are ways to mount the trackball without the plate?

This is exactly what we’re looking at today.

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Mail call!

Look what Mr. Postman brang us today!!

Some amazing artwork for the arcade machine!!

Shoutout to Scott at GameOnGrafix, these prints are amazing. The print quality is top notch and the material is thick and sturdy!

Look at the reflections on this CPO, with the relief you can see how sturdy this thing is! It will hold the test of time for sure, and certainly better than any paint would.

Pictures really don’t do them justice, they look just awesome.

On a related matter, the arcade control panel construction is coming along well, expect news soon.

Homebuilt USB-HID Dual arcade spinner using Arduino Pro Micro

Retrogaming is something that has been the rage for quite some time, and it isn’t always possible to play some of those older games with their original hardware, particularly when it comes to some very specific arcade games of yester years.

For arcades, one of the possibilities is to use emulators such as MAME, and build retro-replication of the arcade controllers for the games. We covered how to build arcade controllers a while ago, but the article focuses on joysticks.

Games like Pong or Arkanoid were never intended for joysticks, they used rotary devices named Paddles or Spinners.

Today we will look at one way to make such device for home usage.

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