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What do video games characters do when not playing?

We’ve seen Disney’s Fix it Felix motion picture depict characters going trough hubs and into other games, and their interactions while outside. We’ve seen crossovers. We’ve seen game themed movies such as Mortal Kombat

What if those characters had real life issues?


Remember Blanka, the big green electric character from Street Fighter? Well, word is, this fellow has issues with the TSA. At least, the idea is funny, here’s Pete Holmesred tape youtube video on the matter.


Yeah, it was last year. In 2012 Street Fighter turned 25.

Well, the original street fighter. Street fighter 1… that sucky old game nobody ever played…



It must have done something good and have gotten a certain audience otherwise why did a sequel been formed? And what a sequel was it. Genre forming, revolutionary game. More controls over the characters. More characters altogether. Special moves. The controls and animation made it far superior than its original title, while keeping the main setup and a few characters. With Street Fighter II – and even more with Super Street Fighter II – fast-action combat gaming started to sparkle. Arcades needed to feature at least a set of multiplayer machines of it. A franchise was born, and it is still strong today.



Remember the Ducktales press kits with the super rare collectible NES cartridge?

Well, according to Capcom-unity there was more produced then distrubited. Limited to 150, the extra press kits are to be given away!

Press kits picture courtesy of


It was speculated that the (now seemingly confirmed) upcoming Capcom Essentials bundle could be a way for collectors to finally get their hands on the otherwise digital-only Mega Man 10.

Mega Man 10 cardboard – picture courtesy of

As mentioned previously at We’re All Geeks, that 60$ bundle includes 5 of the best Capcom titles on either the XB360 or PS3 and is to be released October 8th.