Collector Alert! There’s a new, limited edition, Ducktales NES gold cartridge out there.

Posted: 2013/08/13 in Games, Modern gaming, Retrogaming
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Collectors like vintage, retro games. Collectors also like rare items. So, when a retro NES game as popular as Ducktales is being re-published by Capcom in a very, very limited edition (150) for their Ducktales: Remastered press kit, collectors will invariably try to get their hands on it.

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Too bad they aren’t “new in box” as it will diminish the price quite a bit, they don’t even come with packaging!! Joking aside, it wouldn’t be surprising that they pop on ebay soon with sky-high pricetags.

This new edition, limited to 150, is made with brand-new cartridge boards and chips burned by to assure longevity, and made into refurbished NES cartridge shells hand-painted gold and decorated with brand-new labels showing Ducktales: Remastered art.
Those are not vintages cartridges of the games, but brand-new electronics. Collectors should appreciate that.

This whole project is a cool nod to retrogaming, but coming up with a re-edition of the classic game is a nice surprise. Thanks, Capcom!

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