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Remember the Ducktales press kits with the super rare collectible NES cartridge?

Well, according to Capcom-unity there was more produced then distrubited. Limited to 150, the extra press kits are to be given away!

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Collectors like vintage, retro games. Collectors also like rare items. So, when a retro NES game as popular as Ducktales is being re-published by Capcom in a very, very limited edition (150) for their Ducktales: Remastered press kit, collectors will invariably try to get their hands on it.

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Too bad they aren’t “new in box” as it will diminish the price quite a bit, they don’t even come with packaging!! Joking aside, it wouldn’t be surprising that they pop on ebay soon with sky-high pricetags.


Nintendo has been doing something similar with the New Super Mario Bros.:  recreating classic scenes of best selling games on newer installments. However, people have been asking for “the same game, with upgraded graphics”

Well, that’s apparently what Disney and Capcom are doing with the Remastered version of Ducktales.


The games was released in 1989 and used to play on 8-bit NES. It had quite a success. There was sequels, and the game was even featured on the front page of Nintendo Power!


The remaster includes adding what was not possible at the time: more & smoother animations to all characters including those who just cameoed the game, voices using a lot of the original TV show’s voice actors, better graphics and nice backgrounds.