I AM STREET FIGHTER celebrates Street Fighter’s 25th birthday

Posted: 2013/09/06 in 100% Geek, Modern gaming, Retrogaming
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Yeah, it was last year. In 2012 Street Fighter turned 25.

Well, the original street fighter. Street fighter 1… that sucky old game nobody ever played…



It must have done something good and have gotten a certain audience otherwise why did a sequel been formed? And what a sequel was it. Genre forming, revolutionary game. More controls over the characters. More characters altogether. Special moves. The controls and animation made it far superior than its original title, while keeping the main setup and a few characters. With Street Fighter II – and even more with Super Street Fighter II – fast-action combat gaming started to sparkle. Arcades needed to feature at least a set of multiplayer machines of it. A franchise was born, and it is still strong today.



So, for its twenty-fifth birthday, Street Fighter sees itself featured in a documentary: I am street fighter. The documentary was originally featured in the 25th anniversary special collector’s edition “Massive Street Fighter“.

Capcom has released it to Youtube recently. Watch it, its worth 90 minutes of your time.



 Besides a cool title and covering one of the best video game ever, I am street fighter talks about fans and gameplay. It depicts Street Fighter as a phenomenon. A genre that started to work in the time of games we now call retro, but still plays very similarly in the modern era. Even people who don’t play street fighter knows street fighter. It is an icon of its genre.


Capcom has been getting lots of good press lately. Not long ago they released a gold edition of their 8bit ducktales to the press, and now they release a collector’s edition perk to the general public, for all gamers and geeks to see.

Thanks, Capcom!



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