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It was speculated that the (now seemingly confirmed) upcoming Capcom Essentials bundle could be a way for collectors to finally get their hands on the otherwise digital-only Mega Man 10.

Mega Man 10 cardboard – picture courtesy of

As mentioned previously at We’re All Geeks, that 60$ bundle includes 5 of the best Capcom titles on either the XB360 or PS3 and is to be released October 8th.


It has been long coming. Since cellphones made it to the realms of gaming, since Facebook games have more players than triple-A titles, since Steam and since “live arcades” on consoles… it has been a known fact. One day, there’s not going to be any physical medium required when purchasing video games.

Digital download, full versions of games are already available on most (all) consoles. It is practical for the buyer. As long as there is storage space, all games are stored in a single location (per console.)