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It is a new trend. Having mobile games played on TV. Sony is looking into it with the ps vita tv, perhaps just in Japan. We also heard of the OUYA, with its modified android OS, needing Android games to be ported, but aim a lot on crowdfunding and social networks. Mad Catz’s MOJO platform is a different beast.


MOJO Micro console – image courtesy of the PA Report


The device is using stock android 4.2.2 – the same as on the tablets or phones.


Who never had been interrupted during a TV show by the phone or someone talking? If the first reaction is to hit pause, it might mean a preference of technology over standard over-the-air, satellite or even cabled television.
Maybe there’s some time-delayed listening involving PVRs. Maybe also “other mediums” do offer what live TV doesn’t: the practicality of watching entertainment at the viewer’s convenience.
Maybe there’s the “less browsing, more watching” or the ability to watch programs from other countries.
Let’s face it, Network TV isn’t facing the digitalization of broadcasting very well. Oh, yes, they do have all digital HD channels. They have to. Non-HD Broadcast television has been removed from existence and turned over the more modern (and better looking) HD signal.It doesn’t get the attention it deserve: anyone can get freely some major channels in real 1080p HD. Rather, people historically used satellite television or cable as the main source of televisual entertainment. But that is coming to an end. Or at least a drop.
Technology now permits to automatically record your favourites shows (PVR), or you can stream it with utility/software such as netflix for only a fraction of the monthly cost of Sat/Cable TV.
Or one can download it – torrents are fashionable – and play it on the computer, maybe with the TV as its screen, maybe straight on the television, maybe on some specifically purposed android machine or why not a Home Theater PC made of reused old computer parts.

And people use it. But why? Because it is more practical.