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Retrogamers certainly remember the arcade classic Asteroids released by Atari in arcades in 1979 – ported to home console Atari 2600 in 1981.

Well, its back. Stronger, better, and in Virtual Reality.

Attack of the boulders – oculus rift screen view. Image courtesy of

Attack of the Space Boulders is a new take on the same base idea: the player is in a small pod within an asteroid field, and needs to clean it out without being hit. Small differences are that the game is in FPS 3d virtual reality view, and includes “damage” in the virtual cockpit – no more lives and respawns. There’s also a tool to help with distant boulders targeting.

The game even retake the look of old Vector screens to rememorate the old arcade machine! Which is very interesting when seen in 3D.



Geeks like retrogaming. Geeks also like virtual reality. Geeks sometimes like retrogaming AND virtual reality. Well, Nils Wikberg on YouTube sure seems to like both, demonstrating Q*bert experience on the Oculus Rift for the VR Jam!



As if Q*bert wasn’t hard enough as it was…