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Its CES and Valve has been busy with their console/PC hybrids. During their CES 2014 event, they released a brochure that shows over 10 third-party Steam-compatible machines.

Steam brochure sample – image courtesy of

The steam machines vary greatly, in price and form factor, as well as specs. But all will be running the SteamOS.


Geeks and gamers like their games. But they also like their controllers. Different games call for different controllers. Perhaps it is good to remember the evolution of the joystick?

Nevertheless, the reason gamers aren’t always super enthusiasts about the Move and the Kinect is the “no joystick” part of it. Voice control is good. Its cool and innovative. It adds to gameplay without removing much. Removing the physical contact to the joystick and replacing it with arms in the air doesn’t make hardcore gamer success.

People like their joysticks. They get better versions of ’em, they hack’em, they adapt’em, make bigger, better sticks. Or plain different sticks or control panel adapted to the needs of their favorite games.

Now, Valve is coming out with a joystick-less joystick (or rather, trackpad) design in their new controller!!!

joystick-less design for the Valve gamepad. Image courtesy of Kotaku.