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We’ve talked about it before. Ubisoft claimed South Park’s Stick Of Truth after the demise of THQ.


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The release date has been announced long ago. We already know that its going to be an RPG style game where the people of South Park, Colorado all take part in a “real life RPG” after Cartman decided to play with a Stick, instead of videogames – following a nicely twisted story arc in the TV show that made some publicity for the upcoming game.


Ubisoft achieved something THQ never managed while it was still making video games. That is: announce a final release date for South Park: the stick of truth.



Obsidian Entertainment has been working on this for ages before THQ’s demise, and it was still unclear what would happen to the stick of truth. But here we now know: it has a release date.


Anyone who followed THQ when they still existed, or anyone who like Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s satirical comedy central animation series, knows that THQ had planned for quite a while to release South Park: The Stick of Truth!

This was one of the most anticipated titles they had lined up, perhaps attracting more upcoming sales than any other of their titles. Problem is: THQ has gone bankrupt before the game was out.



Saints Row 4 won’t be permitted publication in Australia. At least not without alterations.


A 3-person re-review panel of the Australian Classification Board refused to lift ban on unaltered SR4.  Non-Australians might not be aware, but since this year, Australia has new ratings that permits games addressed at older audiences than 15 years of age – namely R 18+ ( equivalent to ESRB’s A rating ) and X 18+ ( ESRB’s A rating, with sexual content )

Saints Row IV is the first game to not pass Australia’s R 18+ rating. Because of ( quote ) “drug use related to incentives and rewards is not permitted.

The game is expected to launch in Australia on August 23. Deep Silver stated an reworked, edited version for Australia. Oddly enough,  it is listed in steam as Low Violence. Weird thing is; in America, games are thought of as “too violent” but the concept of Drug Abuse preventing a 18 years or older rating wouldn’t even be considered.

Nevertheless, it must sucks for the Australians: a toned down version of Saints Row IV won’t be the same as a full version for sure!