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Thanks to research firm IHS, the bill of material and associated cost of next-gen now current-gen consoles are known, and neither Microsoft or Sony makes profits from the hardware sales.

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According to IHS, after spending $75 on the Kinect, $110 on AMD processors/GPUs, $60 on memory, then adding various other equipment, each Xbox one costs Microsoft $471 to manufacture. Taking into consideration the MSRP of $499, there’s only a meager margin of $28, that likely goes to retailer and transportation.



Bugs? No bugs? Its confusing!!!

When Sony asks for defective consoles to be sent back, they only accept them if they don’t have bugs in it. Like, not infected with insects. Which would be gross, and risk infecting other consoles – what a mess. Here’s the note included in the return box for defect PS4, thanks to Brendan Sinclair

PS4 return notice: no disc, no joysticks, no cables & no bugs – image courtesy of Brendan Sinclair (twitter)


XB360 had its RROD. PS4 has its BLOD and it is even worst than last gen’s microsoft plague, as the brand new, freshly out of the box PS4 didn’t even work. No audio, no video. No fun for Sony fanboys.

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What was supposed to be one of the best week-end of the year for gamers and geeks of the world turned out to be a nightmare waiting in-line with Sony helpdesk.


People have CDs. People have MP3s. But all this won’t matter if/when they get a PS4, as the console won’t accept any of these.

According to Sony’s massive PS4 FAQ published online, “The Music Unlimited streaming service will allow you to listen to music while you play PS4 games,” and “a subscription to Music Unlimited is required.”

Music Unlimited? WTF? this is the 21st century. Why on earth would a modern computing equipment – one that is meant for electronic entertainment – would refuse to play already existing legit content? That’s a nonsense.  It is also clear that Sony isn’t in the business of competing against Apple TV or XBMC: “The PS4 system does not support client functionality for media servers.”

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There are other things that used to be done on previous Sony console or other consoles, such as renaming your machine or connecting external hard drives. (again, 21st century…)