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Thanks to research firm IHS, the bill of material and associated cost of next-gen now current-gen consoles are known, and neither Microsoft or Sony makes profits from the hardware sales.

PS4 & XBone consoles image courtesy of

According to IHS, after spending $75 on the Kinect, $110 on AMD processors/GPUs, $60 on memory, then adding various other equipment, each Xbox one costs Microsoft $471 to manufacture. Taking into consideration the MSRP of $499, there’s only a meager margin of $28, that likely goes to retailer and transportation.



André Weingarten [Moonlight Swami] didn’t preorder the xbox one. So when he found out that Target had them “in stock” online, he ordered one. To his surprised, 4 days later, he had the console at home. Before the planned launch of xbox one!

So, he played it. And got banned from xbox live.

Do Not Open Until Nov.22 or you’ll be banned. Image courtesy of


(more…) has released videos of what it’ll be like to unbox the xbox one. We see Major Nelson carefully opening the next-gen console right before our eyes!!!

It is still early for the xbox fanboys to get their hands on the actual product, but Microsoft wants gamers to salivate – or not, there’s lots of Xb1 haters out there – on their new products. It’s all about marketing.

Major Nelson unboxes an xbox

Major Nelson unboxes an xbox


It has been long coming. Since cellphones made it to the realms of gaming, since Facebook games have more players than triple-A titles, since Steam and since “live arcades” on consoles… it has been a known fact. One day, there’s not going to be any physical medium required when purchasing video games.

Digital download, full versions of games are already available on most (all) consoles. It is practical for the buyer. As long as there is storage space, all games are stored in a single location (per console.)