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Its been discussed before: does the Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game count as a game pieces, or as display pieces?
Fantasy Flight Games have released wave 3 of their expansion packs, adding the Lambda class imperial shuttle, tie bomber, b-wing and EU’s HWK-290. Again, those are LucasFilm approved accurate replica at a scale of 1/270, with awesome paint job.

Star Wars X-Wing miniatures expansion III ships (all sold separately) picture courtesy of

Each ship comes with playable cards, pilots and their own tokens. But the quality of the sculpts and paintjobs still holds the question: are these glamorized game pieces, or display pieces that happens to be playable?



Anybody who’s into Star Wars should have heard of this game by now: Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures. The game is awesome on so many levels.

X-Wing miniatures game

This game is a “miniatures game.” Notice the lack of the word “collectible?” That’s because, as opposed to other miniature games such as WizKids’ heroclicks, the game isn’t about “collecting” but about “playing”. The wrong part of any product labelled “collectable” is that they aren’t really about collecting, but about trying to collect: you are supposed to purchase lots and lots of packs to find the one piece you are trying to acquire. Gotta catch’em all. Just like baseball cards. But we’re not talking cards here, but 1:270 scale ships. Extras do take up some room.

The X-Wing miniatures are awesome, very displayable, with even the translucid base to be exposed on shelves.

Anyone who likes Star Wars will enjoy the quality of the sculpts. They are prepainted in such a way that almost compete with collection-oriented pieces. While the scale itself isn’t all that big at 1:270, giving X-Wings at about 1 square inch, it still is realistically playable on a table. At that scale, the Millenium Falcon is about the size of your fist, and a Star Destroyer would still be about 10 ft long! But “small ships” are just big enough to be used in any Star Wars RPG styled game, or on your shelves in a diorama. They really look great as squads.