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Once upon a time, Disney made an animation movie portraying arcade game characters. To convey their story, they invented fake old-school video games.

Apparently, fans liked Fix-It Felix Jr. There are reproduction arcade cabinets being made, and now, an emulated sega megadrive game!





First of, if you’re into retro gaming or arcades and haven’t seen Disney’s Wreck-it-Ralph yet, maybe you should do something about it. Disney made a good job making nods to classic videogames.

In Wreck-it-Ralph, arcade game characters live a life outside of their designed games. For the movie, they created “new” games – both “recent” and “retro” to convey their story. But they certainly based themselves in what already existed.

The main game “Fix-it Felix Jr.” is clearly a nod to “Donkey Kong Jr.” way of sequelling.  On an arcade standpoint, look at their cabinets: Disney certainly used old Nintendo cabinets for their promotion, likely just reskinning Donkey Cabinets.


The game itself resemble an inverted Rampage – you’d play the guy having to fix up after building demolition. Not too shabby for retro game play. They should have released real arcades for promotion in movie theaters while the movies was still out there, instead of just publicity stunts once in a while. Not only of the main game, but also the two other games visited by the characters – one is a crossover between Medal of Honor and Call of Duty and is named Hero’s Duty, the other one is a Mario Kart ripoff in a candyland style racing game named Candy Rush…. even the cabinet is at least inspired by Mario Kart GP.