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Remember Disney Infinity? Now that the game is out and reviews start to emerge from the deep end of the interwebs, we’re seeing what Disney had in reserve.

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And apparently, it is more around “selling collectibles” than making a successful game.


Kids games aren’t generally of much interest for hardcore gamers, and for geeks in general.

Then there was Skylanders. The idea came to the game designer watching his daughter playing with action figures totally out of context, and thinking that in-game characters are never played that way. And decided to correct that fact of gaming life. The whole concept behind Skylander is that the in-game character is a toy, that you need that toy to play it in the game ( trough a portal ) and that the character data is saved on the toy.



Disney’s LucasFilm division recently registered a slew of new domain names related to a mystery project called Star Wars Attack Squadrons. Some of the names include,, and

It’s not clear right now if Attack Squadrons is the name of a new film, game, both, or something else entirely. But as Fusible points out, Electronic Arts currently owns the domain names and, suggesting the company is involved in the project.

In early May, Disney and EA signed a multiyear agreement that gave the Battlefield publisher the exclusive rights to games for the Star Wars franchise. The first title out of the partnership, a next-generation Battlefront game, was revealed during E3 2013 last month.

That game is in development in Sweden at DICE. Dead Space developer Visceral Games is also working on an all-new Star Wars game, though no details on this project have been announced.

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Nintendo has been doing something similar with the New Super Mario Bros.:  recreating classic scenes of best selling games on newer installments. However, people have been asking for “the same game, with upgraded graphics”

Well, that’s apparently what Disney and Capcom are doing with the Remastered version of Ducktales.


The games was released in 1989 and used to play on 8-bit NES. It had quite a success. There was sequels, and the game was even featured on the front page of Nintendo Power!


The remaster includes adding what was not possible at the time: more & smoother animations to all characters including those who just cameoed the game, voices using a lot of the original TV show’s voice actors, better graphics and nice backgrounds.