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Saints Row 4 won’t be permitted publication in Australia. At least not without alterations.


A 3-person re-review panel of the Australian Classification Board refused to lift ban on unaltered SR4.  Non-Australians might not be aware, but since this year, Australia has new ratings that permits games addressed at older audiences than 15 years of age – namely R 18+ ( equivalent to ESRB’s A rating ) and X 18+ ( ESRB’s A rating, with sexual content )

Saints Row IV is the first game to not pass Australia’s R 18+ rating. Because of ( quote ) “drug use related to incentives and rewards is not permitted.

The game is expected to launch in Australia on August 23. Deep Silver stated an reworked, edited version for Australia. Oddly enough,  it is listed in steam as Low Violence. Weird thing is; in America, games are thought of as “too violent” but the concept of Drug Abuse preventing a 18 years or older rating wouldn’t even be considered.

Nevertheless, it must sucks for the Australians: a toned down version of Saints Row IV won’t be the same as a full version for sure!

That was meant to be confusing after the demise of THQ… what’s to happen with the IPs?

One of the best title ever released under the THQ banner is/was Saints Row: the Third. Good game. Crazy game. Fun game.

Those in the know were aware that there was plans for a Saints Row 4 (not really surprising) and a Saints Row 3.5 called Enter the Donimatrix. That was all under the realm of THQ. During that era, what the public knew of the future of the franchise was already fuzzy. Partly because of the marketing nature of such franchise, but also because of corporate modification trough THQ, and the bankruptcy that was coming.  But things have changed, and the Saints are now published by Deep Silver – which seems to be a good things as people at Volition reported that Deep Silver has been a fan of Saints Row and Volition all along.


Little is known of Deep Silver’s intentions with the Third Street Saints.