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It is a new trend. Having mobile games played on TV. Sony is looking into it with the ps vita tv, perhaps just in Japan. We also heard of the OUYA, with its modified android OS, needing Android games to be ported, but aim a lot on crowdfunding and social networks. Mad Catz’s MOJO platform is a different beast.


MOJO Micro console – image courtesy of the PA Report


The device is using stock android 4.2.2 – the same as on the tablets or phones.


Coming soon from Hyperkin: the Pixel Art Controller. Ergonomics or comfort doesn’t seem to be its forte, perhaps it was planned mainly as a display piece for the geek lounge, but it is a fully functional controller.

Those were demonstrated at E3 without release dates or prices. What is known is that they will be either bluetooth ( wireless ) or USB ( wired ). Sadly, that means they won’t be compatible with the old SNES console they are copying in pixel art.

The pixel-nature of its shape might scare modern ergo-freaks, but gamers used to play with uncomfortable controllers all the time…