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We’ve talked before about the upcoming Patlabor live action film.

Well, here are some actual footage


It looks AWESOME


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A while ago it was speculated that the giant Mecha in the port of Yokohama was in fact part of the upcoming Patlabor movie.

It is about time that some insider images leak from the set. Thanks to Timeless Dimension, here’s what the Labor Patrol looks like.

Patlabor image courtesy of timelessDimension


Leiji Matsumoto has a wide anime universe that includes Galaxy Express 999 and Interstella 6666 (Daft Punk?)

And everything space pirate Captain Harlock : several series, movies and spinoffs. The Space Pirate reflects on the future of mankind while mixing old-styled outlawed, skull & crossbone, and planet-saving hero. Sword guns, wheel to control the ship. It is a pirate ship, in space. And it’s been awesome for years.

The first serie was out in late 70s, with a prequel in mid-80s, and everything that followed

Captain Harlock vintage – picture courtesy of

And now its getting the CGI feature film treatment, helped by Shinji Aramaki.


It has been known for quite a while now, but there is a Patlabor live-action movie scheduled for 2014. Not to be confused with Patlabor: The Movie (1989) – The 1989 movie was anime, the 2014 movie will be live action.

Patlabor, also know as Mobile Police Patlabor is an anime and manga franchise (Headgear) about “near-futuristic” police mecha. “Near-future” with quotation marks, as it was released starting 1988 so the “near future” of 1998-2002 was making sense then. In any case, in that reality they use mecha robots called “Labors” for various tasks, similarly to what is seen in the movie Aliens with the exoskeleton forklift. The Labors can do multiple tasks such as construction, or Police – the center of the story. Spoilers ends here, more on wikipedia.

There has been talks about an upcoming live action feature of Patlabor, scheduled for 2014. Pictures have been recently leaked from the port of Yokohama, Japan, where they have a gigantic 1:1 mecha cop that could very well be from the set of the upcoming movie. This thing is GIGANTIC!