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What if your Atari 2600 was internet connected, had achievements and leaderboards, DLCs and the like.

well, this pacman video shows what it would look like.

Many geeks like retrogaming. There is something different in the games pre-2000 compared to the full-resolution games of today. Something special to having a finite number of lives and increasing difficulty. And it is still strong nowadays.

Aside from retrogaming, there’s a subculture of people who likes 8-bit music – chiptunes. There are artists who, today, compose for old-tech sound chips expressely. Geeks and gamers enjoy the whole thing.

Now, what if the same was applied to visual arts? And not only posters, t-shirts and the like, but animated 8-bit story?

That’s pretty much what is offered with the adventures of Ledo and Ix by Emily Carmichael.


Ledo and Ix image courtesy of KidCanDrive on Youtube



Coming soon from Hyperkin: the Pixel Art Controller. Ergonomics or comfort doesn’t seem to be its forte, perhaps it was planned mainly as a display piece for the geek lounge, but it is a fully functional controller.

Those were demonstrated at E3 without release dates or prices. What is known is that they will be either bluetooth ( wireless ) or USB ( wired ). Sadly, that means they won’t be compatible with the old SNES console they are copying in pixel art.

The pixel-nature of its shape might scare modern ergo-freaks, but gamers used to play with uncomfortable controllers all the time…

Nintendo has been doing something similar with the New Super Mario Bros.:  recreating classic scenes of best selling games on newer installments. However, people have been asking for “the same game, with upgraded graphics”

Well, that’s apparently what Disney and Capcom are doing with the Remastered version of Ducktales.


The games was released in 1989 and used to play on 8-bit NES. It had quite a success. There was sequels, and the game was even featured on the front page of Nintendo Power!


The remaster includes adding what was not possible at the time: more & smoother animations to all characters including those who just cameoed the game, voices using a lot of the original TV show’s voice actors, better graphics and nice backgrounds.