Power glove still is the most badass geek tool ever.

Posted: 2015/01/16 in 100% Geek, Computers and technology, Retrogaming
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Retrogamers and geeks of the 90s certainly remember the Power Glove, released by Nintendo in 1989.

Power glove ad image courtesy of giantbomb.com

Power glove ad image courtesy of giantbomb.com

That thing was mainly unplayable, but everyone wanted one. Its development still led to the wii controller years later, and proved Nintendo was a good technology developer, in addition to making cool games.

More even, it was cool – in the years where geek wasn’t cool, the geekiest controller was cool. The power glove is the summum of 1990’s geek cool.

Its little playability made that the gloves were mainly geek trophies in most geeks display cases, or sold at yard sales.

Fast forward 20 years, and geeks still like the power glove. Sometimes converting it to bluetooth to use it on computers.

Not known by most, but the animators behind step motion TV show Robot Chicken are also geeks – hey, we’re all geeks – and they also like power gloves. Proof is that Dillon Markey had his power glove converted to a nice software interface for his step-motion activities. Here’s a short documentary on the subject.


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