Samsung’s gear fit: data for the geeks, or scifi wristband?

Posted: 2014/09/15 in 100% Geek, Computers and technology
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I’m a geek, you’re a geek. We’re all geeks.
And some geeks are less sport-oriented than others.

Gear fit image courtesy of

Gear fit image courtesy of

but all geeks like them data.

So, Samsung’s fitness wearable device – the Gear Fit – can be attractive even for non-sport fans, particularly to geeks. Because, data.

When it comes to SciFi looking stuff, there are already a wide variety of smartwatch out there – three types of Samsung Gear, a few models of Sony Smartwatch, cool ones from Motorola, etc. But none have a more futuristic look than the Gear Fit with its curved Super AMOLED display. The display is fantastic, very bright and colorful.

Gear Fit screen image courtesy of

Gear Fit screen image courtesy of

Several reviews crash the fitness aspect of it from a sport perspective. For one, they didn’t try long to configure it – which is something geeks would do – but also, even if branded as a fitness equipment, data acquisition isn’t only about sports.

Geeks around the world like to have data, even on their health (or lack there of) – what’s my heartbeat? What distance did I walk today? These are interesting even in a non-training way, precision or not.

LCARS anyone?

Remember our article about pushing Star Trek’s tech into mobile device? Well, if this Android device just happen to be Gear Fit compatible – and not only Samsung devices are – Well, the style can very well continue on your wrist device.

The easier way is to just use LCARS image as the background. When done correctly, it would appear on the watch and all main screens, even sliding with the menues.

Simply adding a background already makes wonder

LCARS on Gear Fit – via background

In addition to the built-in app, Samsung permits third party software to be compatible with them through CUP – Companion UI Profile. Any SAMSUNG_CUP_ENABLED or SAMSUNG_GEAR_FIT_CLOCK apps can be compatible, and one of them append to be Watch Styler for Gear Fit, and its free! It allows more customization to the clock page of the wrist band. When paired with SciFi images, can become quite interesting.

LCARS on Gear Fit via Watch Styler

LCARS on Gear Fit via Watch Styler

Combining an interesting SciFi faceplate with an interesting SciFi background makes this fitness device quite the geek apparel… because, Geek is the new Chic.

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