Voice Command: Fail.

Posted: 2014/06/13 in Computers and technology, Modern gaming

They started to add voice command to Xboxes during the 360 era. It was somewhat rudimentary, but people were amazed at the new (?) tech this console could have.


Still, it never actually worked completely how it should.


Xbox Voice Command comic strip thanks to Penny Arcade


But the trouble continues on the Xbox One, thanks to their publicity!

In an Xbox One commercial, Aaron Paul says the magic words “Xbox, On” to show one can turn on the console by voice command.

Problem is, when someone is watching TV, in the living room, with an Xbox in that same living room, that voice command does actually turn on the Xbox.


The best way to describe it is mentioned on NeoGAF forums: Aaron Paul just turned on my XBox one.

What the fuck…. Sitting here watching TV and the Xbox commercial starring Aaron Paul came on. Next thing I know I am reaching for the controller to turn it off.

Good job Aaron. Good job.

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