Super Smash Pacman? Sonic? Megaman?

Posted: 2014/06/11 in Geekyness, Modern gaming, Retrogaming
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Retrogaming is fun, but retrogamers do understand that Sega fanboys never played Mario, and Nintendo fanboys never played Sonic. Moreover, those of the era of Atari never played new consoles such as Sega Master System or Nintendo Entertainment System.

Console war before Sony and Microsoft went into it. – image courtesy of


Cross branding in the old console wars was impossible. Time passed, and recent announcement place Sonic, Megaman and Pacman inside Mario’s Super Smash Bros.!!!


Pacman, Sonic, Megaman and Mario in the same game! – image courtesy of SmashBros.Com


Things changed quite a lot since Sony and Microsoft came into play and took over the console war.

Here’s some promo footage.

This MUST be fun!




Release on WiiU is planned for the holidays 2014. For more info go to the official smashbros website.



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