Custom-made Mario Bros. game with WiiU’s Mario Maker!

Posted: 2014/06/10 in Games, Modern gaming, Retrogaming
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Geeks like video games.

But geeks love customizing their games. Its been like that for ages, since EA’s Pinball Construction Set. Or later (and better) Racing Destruction Set. Racing Lunar Rovers on Ganimede was AWESOME.

There has been quite a few games with level editors to let people play Game Designer for a while, but rare are the classic games or mega franchise that offers this option.


But Nintendo has it all in Mario Maker!

Mario Maker image courtesy of


Thanks to E3 2014, we now have gameplay  footage. Can we call this gameplay?

In Mario Maker, one can redo the classic levels. Tweak them for easier casual fun or impossible missions. New levels can also be made, in several of Mario’s multiple lands. With Mario Maker, the sky is the limit!!


Ok, it plays on the WiiU and require the WiiU Controller, but that must be the best idea to have come out of Nintendo’s WiiU team, and might be a valid enough reason to acquire a WiiU for those who still doesn’t have it. Unless they decide to also release on the 3DS?

Release information is still unclear, but rumored for 2015.


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