Japanese arcade styled joystick adds rumble — on the wrist?

Posted: 2014/06/05 in Arcade room, Games, Modern gaming
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Joystick evolution is an ongoing affair. Sometimes designers add interesting features, sometimes its just plain fun.


The handheld gamepad had a great feature that hasn’t been available on the joystick… the rumble.  Of course, military-grade joystick has force feedback added to the stick itself, but half the videogames that uses vibration motors don’t do it for feedback such as bullet being shot but for added feature such as low life warning.

Then comes the arcade stick Inazuma and its included wristband that produces the vibration otherwise found on gamepads.

INAZUMA – image courtesy of Kotaku.com


From the commercial depiction, it looks like the wristband is a shocking device, but it is intended to enhance gameplay the same way gamepads rumble motors do.


Raises the question – do we need such feature on an arcade joystick? Maybe those games are intended to be played with a gamepad; sometimes a game isn’t intended for alternate devices.

A racing game isn’t playable with a lightgun.

Tetris isn’t playable with a driving wheel.


Perhaps this specific joystick is trying to convince people to cross styles and play non-joystick games with joysticks? What do you think?


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