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I’m a geek, you’re a geek, we’re all geeks.

And geeks like their SciFi.

And they like debates. Such as Star Wars VS Star Trek or Picard VS Kirk.

Those are all valid questions, but very pointless. Trekkers, Trekkies and non-Trek fans alike can agree on one thing, the computers in Star Trek are cool.  The computers in Star Trek The Next Generation (and forward) uses an interface labelled LCARS (for Library Computer Access/Retrieval System.LCARS was designed by Michael Okuda with strict instructions from Gene Roddenberry to keep it simple, uncluttered, and have little activity as to not steal the show from the televisual storytelling.

On a cellphone perspective, particularly the ones with modern super amoled screens such as Samsung’s Galaxy SIII and S4, having mainly black coloration is great as it is cleaner, and actually save power (as per amoled power consumption requirements for black and white pixels.)

Android LCARS lock screen

But, how does one make the phone look sleeky SciFi without rendering it a useless gadget? It is rather simple (and free) but need some tweaking. There is no point in removing cool Android features to mimic SciFi behaviour; the touchscreen devices of today are actually more complete than the show’s touch panels. Swiping is a concept unknown to Okuda but well-known to modern mobile devices. There’s also app icons, widgets, multiple screens and all. No need to remove them to have a clean, efficient look that actually saves on batteries (for super amoled) but carefully choosing what to display can be pleasing.


We’ve talked about it before. Ubisoft claimed South Park’s Stick Of Truth after the demise of THQ.


Billboard of the stick of truth image courtesy of


The release date has been announced long ago. We already know that its going to be an RPG style game where the people of South Park, Colorado all take part in a “real life RPG” after Cartman decided to play with a Stick, instead of videogames – following a nicely twisted story arc in the TV show that made some publicity for the upcoming game.


We’ve talked before about the upcoming Patlabor live action film.

Well, here are some actual footage


It looks AWESOME


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