Handheld mods to play on bigscreen TV!

Posted: 2014/01/31 in 100% Geek, Arcade room, Computers and technology, Games
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Handheld videogame consoles have always been geek’s favorites. Playing on-the-go is awesome. But sometimes playing at-home is awesome too, and portable consoles generally don’t have TV-out capabilities.

That’s before Toru Katsuki made handheld videogame console capture cards under the name Katsukity. They handle most portable gaming consoles – DS Lite, DSi, DSXL, 3DS, 3DSXL and Vita – with work in progress to also mode 2DS soon.

3DS capture image courtesy of 3dsvideocapture.com

The company is Tokyo-based, but will handle international orders trough their website: 3dsvideocapture.com. Available are brand-new & used consoles that will be moded prior to shipping (usually same-day) but they also accept mail-in consoles.

They add hardware to the consoles – a video capture card that let the user connect to its computer and output on whatever the computer can display on, including big screen television. The results are great.

Being hand-modded, the price isn’t exactly cheap in the $500 range, but someone wanting 3DS on bigscreen TV now have the option.

Think about how this can look like for competitions!

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