Liberate arcade gaming!

Posted: 2014/01/21 in Arcade room, Games, Modern gaming
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In many places, arcades have gone to a decline.

Rare are now the places where gamers used to hang, play, gather and socialize. There are exceptions, but most states have regulations that render arcade places unprofitable.

What if there would be arcades anywhere? And free?

That’s what Kris Temmerman wondered. What if we built arcades in the street, bring it freely to anyone.

Storefront electronics pixel art arcade image courtesy of Kotaku


This could have been done with arcade electronics as well, but his version is arduinoized and uses RGB-LED display. Quite impressive.
See schematics on boingboing.


Looking by the comments on Kotaku, people do miss the arcades. Might be because we are all geeks?

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