Check out for a 24th century spacecraft!

Posted: 2014/01/11 in Geekyness

Apparently, Scotty is here right about now. Or they already left with a whale, who knows.

In a scene from Star Trek IV, Enterprise Engineer Mr. Scott reveils how to make transparent aluminium if he can get one tank to carry a whale in their spaceship.

Scotty trying to talk to the computer in Star Trek IV, image courtesy of

Well, science often reproduce fiction. In this case, the transparent aluminium has taken the form of aluminium-based ceramic named aluminium oxynitride, or AION.

The material is four times harder than fused silica glass, almost twice as hard as sapphire, and can sustain temperature up to 1200 degrees celsius. And, or course, it is transparent. As in, you can see trough it.

At 1.6″ thick, it is strong enough to stop a .50 caliber bullet.

Research on AION began in 1981, so perhaps the writers of STIV were inspired by it for their technological leap within the movie.

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