Valve’s third party Steam Machines

Posted: 2014/01/07 in Computers and technology, Modern gaming
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Its CES and Valve has been busy with their console/PC hybrids. During their CES 2014 event, they released a brochure that shows over 10 third-party Steam-compatible machines.

Steam brochure sample – image courtesy of

The steam machines vary greatly, in price and form factor, as well as specs. But all will be running the SteamOS.

Some are console-looking, some are PC looking, some are appleTV-looking. There are well known brands.

The smallest one seems to be made by Maingear and be about the size of a sandwich box.

maingear steam machine – image courtesy of

Prices vary from about $400 to maybe $6000, CPUs are all different from one another, they don’t all have the same GPU or as much memory or storage. Some specs are still TBD – in Alienware’s case no specs are known so far, but it should look very cool!

Yeah, looks is what matters when playing online, ain’t it Alienware? Image courtesy of

With specs varying so much from one another and the only constant being SteamOS, one is to wonder – how easy will it be for people to make SteamOS compliant custom rigs? Afterall, anyone can make a Steam Machine and install the open-source free-to-use SteamOS. Its just a linux-compatible gaming rig!

Do you think Valve has got what it takes with those steam machines to boost PC gaming and win the console war?

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