How long can you play with one quarter at the arcades?

Posted: 2013/12/29 in Arcade room, Games, Retrogaming
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In the eighties, an average pacman game lasted about two minutes. Some people play better than others and some games last longer than others.  If your favorite video game arcade is Missile Command, or if you’ve seen that episode in Chuck where they beat the world record, you might have a geekasm

Chuck VS Tom Sawyer – image courtesy of

Those who watched Chuck VS Tom Sawyer (aired in 2008) saw the main character beat the Missile Command game within minutes by following the music of Canadian band Rush in order to prevent terrorist attack linked to the arcade machine. In real life, the game isn’t easier to play with rock music, and it takes quite longer to beat world records.

Victor Sandberg from Sweden has beaten it – the Missile Command world record of 81,795,035 – no later than this morning (December 29) at 11am, after 50-some hours of play. He is now aiming to have his game last 100 hours! He’s been at it for more than 60 hours now. Let’s hope there’s no power failure!!! [edit- he lasted 71 hours before running out of cities, with a score above 100 million. That’s more then 10,000 levels, and 40 killscreens]

Instead of rock music to help him, Victor has a program that help with tracking game information, such as (extra) city count so he can take time off and go to restroom or eat. Music-wise, he has Beverly Hills cop as a ringtone.

[edit: This link used to be the live feed; still is his video channel under the name diskborteMC]

How long can you play with one quarter at the arcades? Apparently 71 hours, 41 minutes.

Classic arcade games still have hype!


Any of you watched him play LIVE?

  1. wereallgeeks says:

    He ran out of cities after 71 hours, 41 minutes, sometime after 3 a.m. U.S. Eastern time. His final score was 103 million, consisting of more than 10,400 levels and 40 killscreens!!!