Got battery-operated gadgets for geekmas? Keep’em charged about 50-90%

Posted: 2013/12/25 in Computers and technology
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I’m a geek, you’re a geek, we’re all geeks, and we all got something that uses batteries this geekmas.

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Weither it is a smartphone, a tablet or the controller of a next-gen console, chances are that batteries are Lithium-Ion based. Now, the Cadmium-memory effect of years ago don’t matter when working with Li-Ion cells… so, what’s one to do?

Gizmodo has a great christmas article on how to care for your non-removable-rechargeable-lithium-ion battery.

Mainly, they say: don’t let it discharge all the time. Once a month for calibration is good. Don’t let it charge fully, it apparently is less effective that way. Don’t let it plugged in either. Top-it off. As often as possible. Keep it cool, but not frozen.

TL;DR? aim for 50-90% charge.

Seasons greetings.


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