Current next-gen score: XBox One 1, PS4 0.

Posted: 2013/11/17 in Games, Modern gaming
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XB360 had its RROD. PS4 has its BLOD and it is even worst than last gen’s microsoft plague, as the brand new, freshly out of the box PS4 didn’t even work. No audio, no video. No fun for Sony fanboys.

Blue Light of Death – animation courtesy of


What was supposed to be one of the best week-end of the year for gamers and geeks of the world turned out to be a nightmare waiting in-line with Sony helpdesk.

Instead of playing their favorite games, gamers turned to Sony’s tech support, who not only didn’t quite know what to do, but didn’t handle the situation very well, if twitter or buyer ratings all over the interwebs are true.


When some lucky gamer got its hand on a competitor console ahead of launch, at least it played. Even the dreaded XB360 that turned RROD played at least some time. BLOD PS4 are the worst nightmare of any console launch and their early purchasers. NO PLAY AT ALL.

A few days in, Sony has yet to come up with a solution, in a market where the console is already out of stock for upcoming potential purchases and exchange is very unlikely. Several gamers seems to have opted out, getting full refund.


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