The first Xbox One to be sold to intrepid shark-fighting customer

Posted: 2013/11/13 in 100% Geek, Modern gaming
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You got it New Zealand!

The first sunrise in the world, the first to have legal rights to sell the console, and the only ones to have sharks to guard sale # 001.


Xbox One at the bottom of the Shark Tank in Auckland’s SEA LIFE aquarium – image courtesy of


It was meant to be the first console on the market. Albeit there was some mixup leading to pre-orders being already fulfilled, but it is still going to be the first official, normal sale. And it is guarded by sand tiger sharks.

The Shark Pool at Kelly Tarlton’s SEA LIFE in Auckland, New Zealand, is home of 20 sand tiger sharks.

Those friendly guards can each take down a 350 kilogram fur seal and outswim dolphins. Don’t expect anyone to try their hands at getting to the sealed water resistant container where Xbox One 001 before its release. Although there should be a live webcam feed, surely there would be people watching.



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