The word is out: Netflix is experimenting with 4K streaming.




4K is a video format in higher definition than what we know as HD. It makes 1080p look bad. it is Ultra High Definition. It is the new trend in video display technology. That’s pretty much what’s available in cinema theaters, but also in high-end domestic appliances.

One main issue with domestic 4K, besides higher price, is content. Even when a room is equipped with a 4K display and reader, what can it display to use its capability? Certainly not on cable TV, and even commercial physical mediums in 4K are scarce and overpriced.


But Netflix is looking at offering it via streaming.

The main issue currently is the bandwidth required to stream in 4K. Even with the correct hardware, if the internet connection cannot supply fast enough transfer, it is pointless. Most household cannot support such speed. Perhaps 10-15% of internet users have a line that can accept it. But that is not something static and set in stones; higher internet speed in domestic applications is something to expect, 4K streaming or not.


Netflix clearly isn’t thinking about today, or even the end of this year, with their 4K streaming, but certainly are pioneering the future of media streaming, and television broadcasting, by upping the ante with ultra high definition content.


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