Sony PS4 FAQ raises questions about next gen console

Posted: 2013/11/01 in Games, Modern gaming
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People have CDs. People have MP3s. But all this won’t matter if/when they get a PS4, as the console won’t accept any of these.

According to Sony’s massive PS4 FAQ published online, “The Music Unlimited streaming service will allow you to listen to music while you play PS4 games,” and “a subscription to Music Unlimited is required.”

Music Unlimited? WTF? this is the 21st century. Why on earth would a modern computing equipment – one that is meant for electronic entertainment – would refuse to play already existing legit content? That’s a nonsense.  It is also clear that Sony isn’t in the business of competing against Apple TV or XBMC: “The PS4 system does not support client functionality for media servers.”

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There are other things that used to be done on previous Sony console or other consoles, such as renaming your machine or connecting external hard drives. (again, 21st century…)

There will be upcoming hack about changing the internal hard drive for sure… if Sony decided the machine cannot take external hard drive, but forces users to do a Hard Drive install of the games, then their philosophies are in paradox…


There are also legit concerns or questions that are addressed on the FAQ such as the outputs, price, box content. But the main question is this – is Sony trying to make an electronic entertainment system that does only play video games? That’s odd, when Nintendo’s WiiU and Microsoft’s Xbox One both go the other way and try to be the “all in one box media center for the living room.”
Oddly enough, the PS4 will include a web browser, but no mouse support.

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Also, why doesn’t the PS4 support the Dualshock 3?



  1. johnheatz says:

    Well, I’m not getting a video-game console for anything other than playing games, even for it to have a web browser is something that I will never need, for surfing the net I have my laptop.

    Backwards compatibility sometimes simply has to be ditched for technology upgrades on the system, that might be why DS3 aren’t supported. As for the music and such…I still don’t need that, I play music on my computer/phone/radio while playing games, or don’t play music at all…that’s just my mentality though, but yet again…I’m all for PC, consoles come in second place for me

    • wereallgeeks says:

      It is not just about playing medias, it is about “being able to use the hardware you paid for”

      why the reason to refuse external hard disks? Particularly when the console forces the user to do HDD installation of all and every games?

      If a PC company would do that, they’d be out of business in no time. And, in this day and age where social gaming is getting more and more predominant, where mobile device are becoming game consoles and triple-A titles are less and less profitable (except a select few) – I doubt the strategic decision of Sony Computer Entertainment in that matter. Because, it is really just administrative decisions that prevent from playing media on the machine, not hardware requirement.