Batman: Arkham Origins – in stores NOW

Posted: 2013/10/25 in Games, Modern gaming
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The guys at Warner Bros. Game Studio Montréal are at it: the new Batman is out – today, on all platforms.

Batman Arkham Origins gameplay image courtesy of


The story is set about five years prior to its predecessor Arkham Asylum. The idea is that Batman is an exceptional crime-fighter at the beginning of his career. He is still the masked anonymous dark knight and not yet the super hero portrayed in Arkham Asylum or Arkham city.  The Gotham City PD is corrupted and the SWAT is hunting Batman down. That should lead to darker scenes and interesting setups.

While the game was announced in April of this year, development had begun in the Canadian WB Montréal studio as early as end-of-2011.  That studio is still rather new, but had a chance to work on Arkham City via its WiiU adaptation.

The game sports the Unreal 3 engine, the same that was used in the previous titles, developed by Rocksteady. In theory the technology and combat system remains unchanged, but the storyline and enemy types are different to previous offerings.


Rush to the stores and get your copies, this prequel style Batman is one not to miss.


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