Mad Catz M.O.J.O.: mobile gaming on your TV

Posted: 2013/10/23 in Computers and technology, Modern gaming
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It is a new trend. Having mobile games played on TV. Sony is looking into it with the ps vita tv, perhaps just in Japan. We also heard of the OUYA, with its modified android OS, needing Android games to be ported, but aim a lot on crowdfunding and social networks. Mad Catz’s MOJO platform is a different beast.


MOJO Micro console – image courtesy of the PA Report


The device is using stock android 4.2.2 – the same as on the tablets or phones.

The intention is to use the Android Play store instead of a device-specific store. A mouse mode will be offered to cover most touchscreen needs. The device will boast a Tegra 4 1.8GHz Processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, Bluetooth and HDMI out. Is should be available on December 10th at a retail of $249.99.


Not sure how current android gaming will be played on a big screen with real controllers, but it sure will influence future mobile game development. Mobile game publishers working Android titles will now consider controllers in their input devices, and full HD will be tested more thoroughly.
It has been said for quite a while by big game publishers: the opponents aren’t other AAA title publishers, but social and mobile game companies. They take more and more room in the games marketplace. With such devices competing with next-gen consoles, this fact will become more and more a reality than ever before.


MadCatz console picture courtesy of the PA report


Mad Catz isn’t aiming at casual gamers nor is it aiming at hardcore gamers but the in-between; those ready to pay for a premium console, and still have them cheaper apps to play on it.


Another market that seems interesting with such device is the world of film watching and television. In addition to being a relatively solid gaming box, this machine – stock – should accept the Android build of XBMC – the favorite open-source media players – and thus remove the need for an extra box on the TV for video watching needs.  Its price point won’t make it competitive with apple tv, but its versatility might.

Nevertheless, such devices might influence how home gaming is perceived. What will happen after the next gen of gaming console?



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