Why is Sony making Playstation branded screws?

Posted: 2013/10/18 in Geekyness
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German site Computer Bild cracked open a PS4 devkit in an interesting (german language) story here.

What have they found inside? Playstation branded screw.

Computer Bild’s playstation screws

One has to wonder why Sony came up with their own screws. Perhaps they use non-standard screws as some sort of protection, and when faced with having them manufactured they decided to up them up for added playstation look?

Regardless, these could make interesting memorabilia…


    • wereallgeeks says:

      Indeed. There must be a reason for these, nobody makes custom screws just for kicks. My best bet is that the screws aren’t “standard” size for some type of HW protection, and they had to makes screws anyway.