To the Batcopter! says BF4 players

Posted: 2013/10/04 in 100% Geek, Geek Meme, Modern gaming
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When BF4 beta players aren’t drawing racist or sexist symbols, they can come up with pretty interesting ideas.

Batcopter BF4 image courtesy of Kotaku

Battlefield 4 comes with an emblem creation tool, but also with a feature to report images which are less desirable – sexist or racist comes to mind. In that sense, BF4 copies previous games such as CoD.

The idea behind symbol creation is to add the possibility for users to have their own country/region/squad depicted on the vehicles and uniforms. Sadly, there will always be players that use the freedom to make something bad out of it, but luckily other gamers report them. Bad apples don’t have to spoil it for everyone.

Adding personalized flags to gear or assets can be awesomely fun. Nevertheless, the BF4 Marines batcopter should be black.


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