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Its been discussed before: does the Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game count as a game pieces, or as display pieces?
Fantasy Flight Games have released wave 3 of their expansion packs, adding the Lambda class imperial shuttle, tie bomber, b-wing and EU’s HWK-290. Again, those are LucasFilm approved accurate replica at a scale of 1/270, with awesome paint job.

Star Wars X-Wing miniatures expansion III ships (all sold separately) picture courtesy of

Each ship comes with playable cards, pilots and their own tokens. But the quality of the sculpts and paintjobs still holds the question: are these glamorized game pieces, or display pieces that happens to be playable?


The guys at Warner Bros. Game Studio Montréal are at it: the new Batman is out – today, on all platforms.

Batman Arkham Origins gameplay image courtesy of


The story is set about five years prior to its predecessor Arkham Asylum. The idea is that Batman is an exceptional crime-fighter at the beginning of his career. He is still the masked anonymous dark knight and not yet the super hero portrayed in Arkham Asylum or Arkham city.  The Gotham City PD is corrupted and the SWAT is hunting Batman down. That should lead to darker scenes and interesting setups.


It is a new trend. Having mobile games played on TV. Sony is looking into it with the ps vita tv, perhaps just in Japan. We also heard of the OUYA, with its modified android OS, needing Android games to be ported, but aim a lot on crowdfunding and social networks. Mad Catz’s MOJO platform is a different beast.


MOJO Micro console – image courtesy of the PA Report


The device is using stock android 4.2.2 – the same as on the tablets or phones.


German site Computer Bild cracked open a PS4 devkit in an interesting (german language) story here.

What have they found inside? Playstation branded screw.

Computer Bild’s playstation screws

One has to wonder why Sony came up with their own screws. Perhaps they use non-standard screws as some sort of protection, and when faced with having them manufactured they decided to up them up for added playstation look?

Regardless, these could make interesting memorabilia…