PS Vita TV might not come to America. Wha?

Posted: 2013/09/13 in Modern gaming
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Not long ago we talked about the awesome coming of the PS Vita TV.

Awesome animated image of PSVitaTV courtesy of Kotaku.

This thing is Awesome! Can play PSP, Vita, PS1, perhaps even PS3! All on your TV with your PS3 controller. A-WE-SOME.

But it might just be awesome for asians, as Sony in their infinite wizdom has apparently figured this thing wouldn’t sell to non-japanese people and is planing on not selling to America.


Maybe we need to contact Sony Computer Entertainment and ask what’s on their mind for Europe and America…


  1. brandonmc87 says:

    I’ll be crushed if Vita TV doesn’t hit the states. I doubt it would come to that, though. Don’t forget that not too long ago Operation Rainfall brought Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower to the US. If people can clamor enough to get three JRPGs localized, getting an actual console (can we call it a console?) like the Vita TV over here should be cake.

    • wereallgeeks says:

      I would fail to see them not selling it in America. I mean, once the device is manufactured, its not a leap of faith to believe it could have lots of sales in America or Europe. They would only reduce their income by not selling it to other markets.

      I know I’d like to get one.

      • brandonmc87 says:

        I’d grab it day one. I’ve been dying to play Dissidia for years, but I don’t want any more handhelds lying around the house.