Harlock: Space Pirate. It’s Captain Harlock. In CGI.

Posted: 2013/09/10 in 100% Geek
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Leiji Matsumoto has a wide anime universe that includes Galaxy Express 999 and Interstella 6666 (Daft Punk?)

And everything space pirate Captain Harlock : several series, movies and spinoffs. The Space Pirate reflects on the future of mankind while mixing old-styled outlawed, skull & crossbone, and planet-saving hero. Sword guns, wheel to control the ship. It is a pirate ship, in space. And it’s been awesome for years.

The first serie was out in late 70s, with a prequel in mid-80s, and everything that followed

Captain Harlock vintage – picture courtesy of fanboy.com

And now its getting the CGI feature film treatment, helped by Shinji Aramaki.

Richard Eisenbeis at Kotaku has a mixed review of the movie. The film is action-packed, but the movie plot is twisted and somewhat disappointing to him. Perhaps that’s very subjective. Harlock has always had weird, passive, depressive scripts that seemed to lead to nowhere. In any case, Leslie Felperin from variety.com seems to have a more positive review.

The movie is an update of the cult Captain Harlock. Turning leijiverse in CGI, but still filled with geeky orders and dialogues. Like the early Harlock, it is a marginal heroic captain wanting to save mankind. But unlike the predecesors, the graphics are pure awesomeness.

Captain Harlock CGI image courtesy of Kotaku

Regardless of critics, Matsumoto always achieve great piece of art and this CGI movie should be taken as such. Harlock in CGI cannot be a disappointment for any Harlock fans and anime enthusiasts in general. After all, it is a highly regarded franchise, turned CGI in Toei animation’s highest budget production ever. Old school anime. In CGI. Awesome.

Topnotch technique has been brought to bear on a portentously nerdy script in this treat for anime fans.

-Leslie Felperin


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